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Our Founder

Meet Jacinta. A deep dive into Jacinta’s family history highlights her inherent connection to vintage fashion. Reminiscing, Jacinta recalls her Grandmother Violet’s, lovingly know as Nanna Vi, impeccable styling, and strict dressing standards. It was Nanna Vi who would later spark the idea for Dotti & Cub after gifting Jacinta a bundle of handmade vintage-inspired childrenswear after the birth of her first daughter.


To Jacinta, dressing our little ones with love, care and consideration makes all the difference. To this day, onesies cut from airy linen, glossy Mary-Jane shoes and notably soft crocheted socks evoke warm, fuzzy feelings for Jacinta. Her Dotti & Cub creations are thoughtfully made to bring the same cosy comfort and happiness to others. 


Dotti & Cub has been two years in the making, although incubating for decades in the corners of Jacinta’s creative mind. As a teenager she had her finger on the pulse of what was trending and would make it her own with creative twists. University days, taking on a corporate job and starting a family have all contributed to changing her taste for silhouettes, colours, fabrics, and textures.


The second half of 2020 was a challenging time, and Jacinta’s creative outlet started to take more of a focus in her busy days. Being from a large family of small business owners, she’d been exposed to the successful operation of numerous businesses. Although Jacinta was settled and successful in her corporate life there was always a glimmer of hope that one day, she would have complete control over her career, be the decision-maker and work on something she truly loves.


Jacinta’s first vintage-inspired creation was her daughter’s baptism dress, and it perfectly captures Dotti & Cub’s modus operandi. Made for a meaningful milestone, the process was inspired. Jacinta re-purposed fabric from her wedding gown, imbuing the baptism dress with memories of one of her happiest occasions and beginning a sustainable practice that would permeate the Dotti & Cub collections to come.


Balancing a corporate career with a start-up business and a young family has proven to be a juggling act that’s challenging at times. Jacinta credits honest conversations with her husband, and the two sharing goals with family always taking priority, to being able to ride out the more stressful moments.


Starting Dotti & Cub while heavily pregnant, with a corporate job and energetic toddler along for the ride, is testament to Jacinta’s unwavering work ethic. The hustle and bustle of family life is what generated the idea of Dotti & Cub. Like many mothers, Jacinta was on the lookout for pretty and practical clothing for her daughters that was cut from natural fibres and free of nasty chemicals. What she thought was a no-brainer became a frustration.


Today, Dotti & Cub creates vintage-inspired clothing for children aged 0 – 5 years. Each piece is made with a focus on functionality and is cut from natural fibre materials of the highest quality.


Sustainability is in the brand’s DNA: Dotti & Cub operates on the belief that it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the planet for the future of our little ones. The label does its part by ensuring sustainability is top of mind throughout the label’s design process. All garments are cut from natural fibre fabrics such as 100% cotton, linen and ramie and are packaged in compostable tissue paper, stickers, and shipping bags. Dotti and Cub sources packaging partners who are associated with Forest Stewardship Council and Eco-Packaging Alliance. In addition, bulk shipments are shipped by boat when it’s possible, and carbon emissions are offset when it’s not.


Dotti & Cub is also built on the premise that mum knows best. Jacinta examines every garment for details that bother her as a mother dressing two young daughters. From ensuring garments are free of choke hazards, nasty chemicals and poor stitching, the practicality of each piece is also considered. Simple details such as reinforced plackets and buttons, snap buttons in convenient places (dressing a floppy baby isn’t easy!), fits that allow for comfortable movement, and stretchy cuffs that don’t cut into roly-poly thighs are a few of the important, considered details.


Dotti & Cub is still in its early stages of growth, and is blossoming into a thoughtful, wholesome, and beautiful brand. Jacinta’s love of learning means she is there every step of the way as the business develops, with the aim of one day inspiring other female business owners, and being the best possible role model for her daughters. There are big plans in the pipeline for Dotti & Cub, but in the meantime having a happy, healthy family and a profitable business keeps Jacinta happy and busy, doing what she loves.